Green Card and Career Opportunities in the U.S. with ADEX have never been better or faster!

Our fast-track step-by-step process

  • Immediate initial screening interview
  • Immediate Sponsorship upon Acceptance
  • Green Card and a Nursing Career in the U.S.
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Do's and Don'ts

Benefits of Working with ADEX

When you join ADEX Medical Staffing, LLC, you’re joining a team dedicated to your continuous support while emigrating to and living in the United States. Here’s what we’re doing right now for our international nurses seeking placement in the US:

About Us

ADEX Medical Staffing is not a third-party representative or agent. We are your direct Green Card sponsor and direct employer. We pay all salaries and benefits. We are NOT a travel staffing company. We place you at one hospital location (that best compliments your professional background) for the duration of your contract with us. Assignments are only in tertiary hospitals.


– Nursing Homes
– Home Care Agencies
– Correctional Facilities
– Sub-Acute Facilities

Our Philosophy

Today, there is too much emphasis on the process of emigrating and not enough on the individual. Our intimate knowledge of U.S. immigration procedures ensures a minimum processing time.

Our priority is you — the healthcare professional. We will help you manage and develop your career in the US. As your skills grow, so will your pay, benefits and opportunities to advance. We’re here to help you with advice and guide you to the best possible job so that you can achieve what you’ve dreamed of.

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